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Cuyahoga news (Archive)

  • Cuyahoga Template Development Guide

    A little howto for creating Cuyahoga templates is now online. You can it in the Developers section, or download it directly from this location.

    The package contains the template development guide in .pdf format and also the example files that are being used in the document.

    2/21/2008 5:00:00 PM Published by Martijn Boland Category Developers Comments 3
  • Cuyahoga 1.5.2 released

    After the release of Cuyahoga 1.5.1, it appeared that with only a few changes, Cuyahoga worked again on Mono.
    The 1.5.2 release is solely for Mono compatibility and doesn't include other fixes or improvements.

    You can get the packages here and the release notes can be found here. Additional instructions for running Cuyahoga on Mono can be found here.

    Hopefully, we will be able to keep Cuyahoga compatible with Mono for future releases.

    Many thanks to César González for helping us out!

    2/20/2008 3:05:00 PM Published by Martijn Boland Category Cuyahoga Comments 2
  • A call for Mono testers

    In the past, we have done a lot of work to make (and keep) Cuyahoga compatible with Mono. But mostly due to time constraints, we have not been able to keep up with recent Mono versions. The current state is that the Cuyahoga 1.5.1 sources build fine with NAnt (Mono 1.2.6 from the VMware image), but it just doesn't run.

    So it would be great if anybody with a little Mono experience (and time :)) can help us out with this. Volunteers?

    2/14/2008 10:27:00 PM Published by Martijn Boland Category Mono Comments 5
  • Cuyahoga 1.5.1 released

    This is a maintenance and bugfix release without any major new features.


    • Improved stability. The module loader has been reworked to behave better under high load.
    • Upgraded NHibernate to 1.2.0 and Castle to 1.0 RC3, so module developers can leverage lots of new features.
    • Numerous bug fixes and improvements, see the release notes for a complete overview.

    The packages are available available here.

    This is not a drop-in replacement for existing Cuyahoga 1.5.0 installations with custom modules. Because we upgraded to NHibernate 1.2.0, custom modules that use NHibernate have to be upgraded to be compatible with this version. See the NHibernate 1.2.0 migration guide for the neccesary steps.

    After this release, we're continuing development on 2.0 and also, there is going to be some cool new stuff on CuyahogaContrib soon like new modules and AJAX extensions.

    And finally, a call to all CuyahogaContrib developers that are not on the dev mailing list: please make a release for the previous 1.5.0 version (if the module is stable, of course) and then upgrade your modules to 1.5.1.

    Thanks everybody who contributed to this release!

    2/14/2008 10:09:00 PM Published by Martijn Boland Category Cuyahoga Comments 1
  • Experiment with ASP.NET MVC

    Currently, we're rebuilding the admin site with Castle MonoRail, but we've also done a little experiment with the CTP version of ASP.NET MVC. Anybody interested can download it here, or get the stuff from SVN: https://cuyahoga.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/cuyahoga/experiments/Cuyahoga-MVC.

    I have some mixed feelings about it. At this moment, MonoRail is cleary the better (more mature) platform but ASP.NET MVC looks promising and it has the Microsoft label that will attract more people (like it or not).

    1/28/2008 3:52:00 PM Published by Martijn Boland Category Cuyahoga Comments 109